Marathon Race-Week

One week from today, I will be a marathoner.  Yeah, I'm completely excited and confident.  I'll save the nausea and jitters for Friday and Saturday.

Here are some tips for the last week leading up to marathon (note:  these are all due to my diligent research through libraries full of books google... I have absolutely zero experience with full marathons... until next week, at which point, I'll be a plethora of should've, could've, would've):

1.  Start getting to bed early now so that the night before the race your body is already used to the early bedtime, and you don't spend hours counting sheep staring at the ceiling.

2.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

3.  Cut back distance and intensity and remember that nothing you do this week will improve your ability on race day.

4.  Carbs!!!  Yummy.  Eat them.  Especially starting three days before.  Load up those glycogen stores.  (Try to scale way back on fats.)

5.  Do not sign up to hostess a party or march in a parade or go on a shopping marathon.  Rest your legs!

6.  Avoid fiber and too much salad/veggies the night before.

7.  Make sure your toenails are clipped!

8.  Visualize your race.  Re-read my marathon advice post 1 and post 2 to encourage you.