SportHooks Review and Giveaway!

Several months ago when looking through Runner's World, I saw an ad for HeavyMedalz Sporthooks.  I absolutely love the look of these thick metal hangers with the black powdered coating.  They are sleek, sturdy, and best of all, attractive.
I was definitely anxious to get one, and get my bling collection out of the jewelry armoire where those poor medals had to weep in darkness - lost and alone.
I cannot wait to fill this the rest of the way up and start working on the second layer.  I've got my current 7 medals hanging, and should have layer one on the hooks complete by 1/1/11.  I don't know what else to say about these things except that I absolutely love them... so I decided to do a question and answer session with owner and creator, Marcey.
Me:  How did you come up with the concept for SportHooks?
Marcey:  I actually started to design SportHooks for my friends as gifts for Christmas. After attending quite a few marathon expos, we were frustrated that there really wasn't anything unique on the market to display your medals, so I came up with the design. Something that looked nice in an office or at home etc. First design was the 26.2 10 hook ! Then it naturally progressed to Triathlons but was surprised that it extended to Academic Awards, Wrestling, Gymnastics, name it!

Me:  What makes your medal displays different from other ones out there?
Marcey:  My medal displays were really the first ones out there on the market ( 5+ yrs. ago)that were designed out of metal and was a stylish, yet practical, way to hang medals, ribbons, jackets, jerseys etc. I'm an original and I'm also a runner ! I go to the expos and sell for two days and then go run the I'm out there hitting the pavement alongside my customers !! doesn't get better than that !

( I moved away from just calling them medal displays when I was running a marathon ..which gives me lots of time to think :)...that I needed to come up with a unique term for my product since you can hang more than just medals...and then it came to me :" SportHooks" and then proceeded to trademark the name which is not an easy thing to do. )

Me:  What is your favorite of all the designs you've ever created?

Marcey:  My first design, the 26.2 10 Hook, is a favorite design because it was obviously the first. Each design that I've been involved with becomes a favorite because of the personal attention and work to get the design right . Hard to pick an overall favorite..its like trying to pick a favorite marathon..each one has a uniqueness all it's own.The Sporthooks that I've designed for Cancer Charities are uniquely special and very meaningful . My newest design is the Rock n Run and I love it ! It will debut at the Rock n Roll San Antonio marathon 11/12 !

Me:  Your "danglers" are super cute too.  What made you add those to your line?

Marcey:  The "Danglers" are new to my line somewhat. I've had various ornaments in the past, but wanted to do something a bit more fun, more than just an ornament and that is why I coined them; "Danglers" instead of ornaments... since you can dangle them from more than just a Christmas tree. They will make their debut at the Rock n Roll San Antonio marathon also ! Hoping to sell out !
(I, personally, love this idea she has in the photo... what a better way to celebrate a new distance than a cute dangler on a bottle of wine... and later, they can move that dangler to either their rearview mirror or use it as an ornament on the Christmas tree.)
Me:  Which SportHook do you have for yourself and where do you hang it?
Marcey:  I have my medals (63+) on my original 26.2 10 Hook design with the Add-On bar underneath it ! I have it hanging in my office and love that it reminds me each day how lucky I am to be able to run and collect some pretty awesome bling from around the US and Internationally... a good reminder especially on those tough days !

Me:  What are your goals for SportHooks in the future?
Marcey:  My goal for SportHooks is to become a strong, recognizable brand across many sports and interests.

Me:  Anything else you'd like us to know?

Marcey:  I would like you to know that I am a 50 Stater (almost finished), and a Marathon Maniac!  Besides shipping Internationally ( Germany, UK, Singapore, Canada, Denmark etc.) I've shipped my designs to 48 of the 50 States..Alaska and Wyoming are holding out on me...shout out to anyone there..its time to order!   Fun Fact:: My designs have flown on Air Force One (can't mention any names ;) )  Important Fact:  I have the best customers out there!  Many thanks to all my repeat customers that spread the word and have been loyal followers. Looking forward to my new customers!

Marcey also does custom designs, and I am love that she sells add-on bars that can mount under the SportHook to add additional space. 
This baby looks fantastic on my wall next to my treadmill.  Inspiration!!!  (Although my bare wall could use some race pictures, couldn't it???)
Important note:  This product was purchased on my own.  This review at the top is my personal opinion, and my question/answer session with Marcey is uneditted.
Ready for the best part?  Marcey has agreed to directly ship one of her 5-hook designs directly to one of my fabulous readers.
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