The Ultimate Runner's Gift List

Happy Black Friday!!! 

This is the post to politely forward to your husband, wife, children, parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousin, frog, horse, dog, whatever so that you don't end up with cotton socks with a rubber band around them, a handheld stopwatch, a convenience store Dasani bottle, and a pair of Danskin tights.  We cannot expect others to translate our requests for compression socks, watch, handheld water bottle, and compression tights.

I tried to be all-inclusive in this list, so obviously every item will not apply to everyone!

- Moisture-wicking Socks (I could always use more of these.)
- Fuel - GU, Shot Bloks, Sports Beans, Clif Bars, Luna Bars, etc.  (Make sure you specify because some of those flavors are gag-a-rific.  I personally like Chocolate GU, Strawberry Shot Bloks, Mixed Sports Beans, Chocolate and Oat Clif Bars, Chocolate-Mint Clif Bars, and White Chocolate-Macadamia Luna Bars)
-Headbands or Caps (BUFF, BondiBand, and TMB Endurance Bands are some of my favs.  In fact, I wear the TMB Endurance Bands even when I'm not running!)
-Sports Sunblock
-Subscription to Runner's World (love mine!!! And they are having a gift subscription sale... 1 year for $10)
-Gift Card to Local Running Store,, Athleta (same as Gap), etc.
-Sleeve scrunchies!  (Remember these from my review?  Well Vanna Down By the River has offered a 10% discount to my readers through this Monday, the 29th... put code RUNNERS10 in the comments.)
- Road ID (Your loved one should WANT you to have one of these.  They have gift cards so that the buyer doesn't have to worry about color or slogan!)
- Handheld Water Bottle or Hydration Belt
- Compression Socks or Sleeves (Go to and use the code BLOG15 for 15% off.  I love my CEP socks, and I'm not sure I could ever have enough.)

- Race Belt (Personally, I love the iFitness belts, especially their ultimate race belt... did you enter my giveaway???)

- Body Glide (Don't ask, just buy!)
- Running Shoes (Alright gift givers, unless you know exactly what shoe your runner loves, go for a gift card to a running specialty store.)
- Sports Bras (We never have enough. I, personally, think the Moving Comfort ones are hands-down the best... and I'd love to have more of them.)

- Reflective Gear (Safety, safety, safety.  This is at the top of my list.  I really, really want a Brooks Nightlife Jacket  and for the warmer months the arm bands and hat.)
- Light or Headlamp (I run some awfully dark paths with my Tuesday group...)

- The Stick
- Foam Roller

- More Running Gear - Moisture-wicking shirts, shorts, running skirts (hello, capri's, pants, tights, jackets, etc.  (I'm personally a fan of just about anything Nike DriFit.)

- Arm Sleeves (I really really want some of these... there's Zensah, Moeben, Sugoi, or the simple Nike ones)
- Sunglasses

- Hat or Visor  (love my hats, but I'm thinking I need a visor for the warmer months)

- Medal Display (I strongly recommend SportHooks and Marcey is fabulous to work with)
- Books ("Born to Run", "Racing Weight", etc.)

-iPod or Phone Armband
-iTunes gift card
- Garmin Forerunner Watch (But if not, just a good sports watch is better than nothing!)
- Endure Jewelry Diamond Marathon Necklace (I even make jewelry, and I can't stop eyeballing this one!  I really want it.)
- Cash for Race Fees!!! 
- Baby Jogger or BOB jogging stroller
- A faster pace and a smaller ... well, you can guess... let's say "rearview" (Jen suggested this one, and I just couldn't leave it off!)
Have a great weekend!!!