To Be or Not To Be...

Coached, that is.  That is the current thing that is running through my head.  Don't get me wrong, if I had a money tree, I'd already have a coach... but I don't.  The thing is, I really want to work on speed next year.  I really want to get a sub-2 hour half marathon, which will be no small feat.  I do not do speedwork.  I keep saying I will, but I don't.  I'm a go-with-the-pace kind of girl.  I do know my body well enough to know just how much I can push during a race.  I'd say, in general, I'm good at pushing my limit to just the right point during a race... I am awful at really pushing my limits during a workout.

I think I need someone to not only set out a training schedule (even though I can whip one up at the Runner's World website that works pretty well), but hold me accountable for speedwork.  Yes, I plan to take the RRCA coaching course in January, and while I think that knowledge will help me, I'm still not convinced that I will do the appropriate speedwork and cross-training - both of which get zero attention.

As for the training programs we have available here in Dallas, they don't really work for me.  My schedule is so inconsistent between mommy duties and art shows and racing... not to mention my husband often works insane hours and often 7 days a week. 

So tell me...
Do  you have a coach?
How did you choose him/her?
Do you meet in-person or just check-in online or via phone?
How has it benefitted you?
How long of a period did you hire them for?
Are you eating Ramen noodles in order to pay for your coach?

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