Top 10 RUNNING Thanks!

First, I know many did a Turkey Trot today, but I had to miss.  The Turkey Trot in Dallas is the largest in the country with over 40,000 participants.  For some unknown reason, it starts at 9am.  Since it's an 8 mile route with a late start time, I figured it would be 1pm before I could finish the race, cool down, drive home, shower, and drive over to my dad's.  That's just not going to happen, so I asked Jenn if we could do our own personal 10k on Turkey Day... so that's what we did, despite the cold front!  And man was the wind blazing.  It was 17mph in the neighborhoods, and she made a route to the bridge.  We started over the bridge and went into immediate shock... those winds were unbelievable... easily 30+mph when on the bridge over the lake.  Even though I wanted to tough it out, the smart part of me said getting miserably sick a week before a marathon is a bad, bad idea... so we turned around and headed back for the neighborhood where at least some of the wind was blocked.  We only endured the ridiculous bridge misery for 1 mile.  Finished our 6.2 in 1:06:14... 10:40 min/mile... not bad at all for me and considering the wind.

Many of you have been sharing what you are thankful for, but I thought I'd do a little twist and give you my top 10, as they relate to running...

10.  A huge selection of races!  You see the title of my blog, right?  I love races.  I may not be fast, but I truly feel I am at my best on race day.  I am thankful to live somewhere that there is never a shortage of races.  I could probably race every Saturday and Sunday if I wanted (and if that money tree would ever bloom).  I love that if I need a training run that's a common race distance, I can usually go do a race instead (besides, who doesn't like more bling?).

9.  White Rock Lake!  I love White Rock Lake.  Essentially all of my long runs happen here.  Probably about half of my races are at some part of the lake.  Honestly, when I'm running on the lake, I feel like I'm at home (as far as running is concerned, at least).  It is pretty, it is familiar, and there's never a shortage of other runners and cyclists to inspire you to keep going.

8.  My favorite gadgets!  My Garmin (that my awesome hubby gave me for my birthday last year), body glide, GU, iFitness belt (did you enter my giveaway???), Nathan handheld water bottle, CEP socks, etc.  Without these things, running is possible, it's just a bit harder!

7.  Your blogs!  Without the (way too many) blogs I read, I would have a lot less knowledge about running.  I also can't tell you how comforting it is to know how many others have been through the exact same thing, or feel the same way.  And it's been amazing hearing a lot of your mantras in my head while I run a race.  Not to mention how much I like being introduced to new gadgets!  It's amazing how many of my bloggie pals have inspired me, encouraged me, and amazed me.  You know who you are!

6.  My blog!  I'm sure I already annoy everyone around me with jabber about running, but it's much better than I would be without a blog.  My blog has provided a great outlet for me to let out what's on my mind with regards to running.  It's an excellent forum to get outside opinions.  It's also provided me support and accountability.

5.  My health!  Seriously, knock on wood, I've had no major injuries.  I've had a couple of icky toenails, a short period of shin splints, and various aches and swelling... but nothing that kept me from running more than a day or two.  I have been very blessed to have gotten through all this training un-injured.  Thank you God!

4.  My dad, mom, brother, and sister-in-law!  Both of my parents never fail to call me after a race and tell me they are proud of me.  My dad, brother, and sister-in-law have made appearances at several of my races (usually a surprise)... and are always the first to give me kudos for a good effort.  (I know my mom would be there too if she were in Texas!  Yet another reason I need to plan to do a race in Virginia.)

3.  My husband!  Despite incredibly ridiculous working hours, he always manages to work around my insane race schedule and care for the kids.  He knows that this is important to me and without his support, it couldn't happen.

2.  My kids!  They are my biggest fans.  They can't wait to check out my medal when I get home.  They always want to know how far I went.  They are my miniature inspirations for sure.

1.  My running friends!!!  This journey has been so much more enjoyable due to the amazing friendship of other runners - in person and via the blog.  A special thank you goes out to my local running friends - Emily, Elaine, Jenn, Robin, Sherry, Pat, EW, Libby, and Ashley.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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