What's All This "Taper-Madness" About?

I'm going to admit it... I feel absolutely no taper-madness.  I'm slightly under the weather (I'm convinced from running in the wind on Thanksgiving), which has naturally made me want to slow down (and get a Vitamin C IV).  But when I have put in a run, I felt good.  I feel completely confident and ready.  I cannot wait for Sunday.  I'm not antsy about getting in miles this week, I'm enjoying my mornings hanging out with Paige instead of at the gym for 2 hours.  I know I still have 4 more days to go crazy, but I think taper-madness has passed me by.  I feel like my head is on completely straight and this marathon is totally mine.  And while this cough is annoying, I don't feel sluggish and my legs feel great.  I know that regardless... this is 26.2 miles and anything can happen.  I can't even begin to list the number of occurences that can happen in the span of the 5 hours that I plan to be on that course... but I will put my foot on that starting line knowing that I did the work and knowing that I was ready and feeling confident... and really - is there anything more I can do?

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