Yet another confessional...

You know that half marathon I had today?  I went with my friends, Robin and Elaine.  Remember the one I told you that I was going to run easy?  Training run at full marathon pace, right? 

Let's see how well I behaved myself at the DRC Half by taking a peek at my splits:
1       10:18
2       10:30
3       10:24
4       10:32
5       10:24
6       10:50
7       10:39
8       11:01
9       10:34
10     10:23
11     10:31
12     10:37
13     09:53
0.23  08:02
Total   13.23   02:18:36  
Avg Pace  10:28

So, in case you haven't been following my blog for long, that is not easy for me.  That's my second best half marathon time ever (only second to my half that I ran last week).  Yeah, well, I'm not the best at taking it easy when no one is there to force me to. 

I actually saw my friend, EW, before the race, and he mentioned he wanted to go for about a 2:25.  You know how I love to talk while I run, so I wanted to run with him, but I lost him before the start and lined up with Elaine near the 2:30 pace team.  I spent the first 40 minutes of the race trying to see if I could spot him and his friend, Allen, through the crowd.  Finally I did spot them, and I sped up to catch them.  Hmmmm, that pace... not supposed to be going that speed.  Must. Slow. Down.  Yeah, right... didn't think so. 

I really get pumped when I have people to run with, so we just trucked along... until mile 8 where our pace fell off because, well, um, they were handing out oreos... and we wanted to slow down to enjoy the oreos.  Around mile 9, EW was feeling a little pain, so pulled back, but his friend carried on so I tried to keep up.

We could see the 2:20 balloons off in the distance and figured why not catch them.  So we did... and when we caught them, we just kept pushing.  When we hit the 12 mile marker, I was tiiiiiiiiiiiired.  But for some reason, Allen said "Let's go, Lesley!" and sped up... trying to convince me that it was just another mile and I could do it.  I cannot believe I ran a sub-10 minute mile the last mile of a half-marathon.  But I did... and I feel great.

The course had some hills, but it was a beautiful run, with excellent course support.  The food and fun at the finish line was plentiful.  There wasn't even a line at the porta-potties.  Excellent race.  Will definitely be on my to-do list next year.
And when I came home, I took a shower, and got in bed and did this (with my Paige-a-doodle):
Post-nap, I ordered pizza from my phone, and watched a movie with my kids... seriously lazy day.
And just for your own giggles and enjoyment... here is what happens to my hair when I go to sleep with it wet post-race... oops!  (And please excuse my make-up free face.)