Challenge YOU, Challenge ME!!!

Challenge YOU:
As some of you know, Sherry and I are hostessing the "Run for the Bling of it!" challenge.  Run 12 races in 12 months of 2011.  The races can happen at any point throughout the year, as long as there are 12 total.  Any distance counts!  This should allow everyone to participate equally.  Sherry and I will be gathering some prizes during the year and will do a few random drawings at the end of the year for participants that reached their goal.  Head on over to our challenge BLOG and read how to be involved.
Challenge ME:
I have a few goals in mind for 2011, but most of you have been following me for awhile, so I wanted to open the door to have YOU challenge ME.  No reasonable challenge will be refused.  And of those who make suggestions that I use in my 2011 goals list, I will do a random drawing and send out a little something fun!
To help you challenge me, let me give you my 2010 statistics.
Miles Ran:  1078
Highest Month:  September 150
Lowest Month:  June 37
Longest streak:  39 days, 182 miles
4 5Ks, PR: 26:54
1 10K, PR: 1:12:17 (Ugh, silly heat)
1 15K, PR 1:53:55 (Ugh, heat again)
6 Halves, PR 2:15:30
1 20-miler, PR  3:51:12
1 Full, PR 5:12:42
The floor is open, let's hear it!