Expo Day!

First, I woke up this morning and pushed out a serious run...

See, what did I tell you?  Smokin'... 2 whole miles in 25 minutes.  I just need to run that 2 miles thirteen times on Sunday.  And if I keep that pace, I won't beat the Subway guy's time... and that's just not acceptable.  Yeah, see what you do on taper? Anyhow... 
Nothin' to get your juices flowing like a big expo for your first marathon... well, until an 18-wheeler turns over on the only major highway between you and the site of the expo.  All I have to say is thank God this happened today and not Sunday!  It took more time, but we did get there... me, Robin, and Emily.  First things first... no not our bibs... the bathroom, duh!  OK, then off to get my bib...

I'm loving this bib number because my two favorite numbers are 9 and 4... do you see it?  5+4 = 9 and 0+4 = 4.  Those are even written in my baby book as being my lucky numbers.   This will also be my 9th medal (woo-hoo).  Where TMB when I need her?  There's got to be some better number play stuff in here.
Then I looked out into the expo and was ready to check out the goodies...
There was loads to see, but I guess the problem with being a race-obsessed blog-aholic is that there was nothing I hadn't seen before.  So my main focus was to say hi to some folks I wanted to meet.
First stop, iFitness belts... I just recently had a giveaway for one of their ultra-race belts because Hailey hooked me up.  And guess who was at the expo?  Hailey.  She was so full of energy (and gorgeous)... I'm not really not sure how anyone could not want an iFitness belt with her spiel.  I love this belt and could talk it up forever, but you can read my review HERE.  Was a complete pleasure to meet her... super friendly!!!
Hmmmm... I think I can see my "carb-load" in that photo... suck it in, Lesley... gee whiz!
Next major stop was the Little Rock Marathon booth which we couldn't resist.  I had heard they had the biggest bling ever... so we had to check it out (even though there's no way I can do it in 2011 since it's the weekend after the Princess half).  When Emily saw it, I think for a second she considered maybe trying for a marathon because that half marathon medal is just not big enough... (Emily holding the marathon bling with crazy Little Rock Marathon guy holding the half marathon bling.)

Next stop was SportHooks!  I couldn't wait to meet Marcey who sponsored a giveaway last month (you can read my full review HERE).  Marcey was so sweet, and I loved being able to look and touch all the displays.  Great quality.  We, of course, had to document our meeting...

Crazy pretty and super nice... and want to hear the really crazy part?  After standing on her feet for 2 days at the expo, she will run the actual marathon - her 64th!  Wow!!!

And right as we needed to rush out the door to pick up kiddos from school, Jason from Life of an Aspiring Triathlete finally showed up, so I ran over to bib pick-up to meet him (very briefly... but we'll meet again at a bloggie dinner tomorrow).  So here we are showing our pearly whites for the mandatory blogger self-photo:

Good luck this Sunday to bloggie marathoners...
Elaine - Girl Runs 5k - Dallas White Rock Marathon - 1st!!!
Sherry - Life, From My Perspective - Dallas White Rock Marathon - 1st!!!
Jason - Life of an Aspiring Triathlete - Dallas White Rock Marathon
Karyn - Marathon Maiden- Dallas White Rock Marathon
Allison - Just Tri and Finish - Dallas White Rock Half Marathon - 1st!!!
Sarah - SkinnyRunner - Rock n Roll Vegas
Julie - Hotlegs Runner - Rock n Roll Vegas - 1st!!!
Mel - Tall Mom - Rock n Roll Vegas
Amanda - 5 Miles Past Empty - Rock n Roll Vegas

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone... if so, I'm sorry!  Happy Marathoning this weekend!!!

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