Is that enough "la"s?  I love Christmas, but I am still completely exhausted!  Today, my dad offered to take my kids off my hands for the day, so I arranged to go shopping with my friend, Whitney.  I had stockings that still needed stuffing!  We spent the entire day going to Target, Toys R Us, Dicks (where I was extremely proud of myself for avoiding the Nike section for the wallet emptying abyss that it is), and Walmart.  And there may have been a brief stop at California Pizza Kitchen.  I am proud to proclaim though that everything is done - bought, wrapped, and waiting.  D-O-N-E. 

I came home to find my husband installing my birthday present (a TV for watching while on the treadmill).  This is what I found:

Hmmmmm, while I've seen people running backwards on a treadmill, I don't think it's for me.  And I don't plan to have eyeballs installed on my butt cheeks anytime soon.

Perhaps I can catch a glimpse while doing a backflip amidst my running.  Everyone does that, right?

Speaking of the treadmill, though, I'm sure you're all dying to know (right?) about my run the other night when I said I wanted to run instead of post.  I only had 30 minutes until hubby got home from out of town, so I knew if I was going to run, I had to get moving.  I had been dressed to run all day, but got sidetracked by various Christmas chores.  My legs still feel like lead post-marathon, but I wanted to get in at least 3 miles, which is a tough pace for me.  Then, of course, I decided to up it to 3.1 so that I'd get a full 5k in and see how I felt (I have a 5k scheduled next Wednesday).

I struggled.  I felt like losing my dinner afterwards.  But I did what I set out to do.  Peter got home at about 28 minutes, and scared me... which took every last bit of lung capacity.  Considering my PR 5k is 28:16, though, I think pushing a 30:59 on a treadmill (and not during a race) is pretty good for me, especially a week and a half after seriously struggling through 26.2.

Just in case you wonder what kind of other crazy stuff happens in this house... my 8-year-old, Patrick, saw a BB-gun he liked at Bass Pro Shop (while with my dad)... he came home and made it out of Legos - complete with stand, pellet box, and deer emblem on the butt of the gun.

As always, I was impressed, although I still think the zoo monorail system he built last week was even better - complete with animals, restaurant, monorail car, and tracks.

While he was doing this, Lily (6), was supposed to be stuffing Christmas cards.  Paige (2) wanted to help, but I told her she was too little.  Imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw this:

I love towards the end where she says "I doing a great job!"  Yes, you are!

Back soon with that giveaway I keep promising... gotta get some photos and meet my brother for his birthday dinner.

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