Getting to Know Me...

My favorite RR tagged me in a "Getting to Know You Post"... so here goes... (but sorry RR, I don't have many interesting answers).

1. Who inspires you with regard to running?
Originally, Joe Malinowski.  He was the only one, at the time, that I really knew that ran marathons.  (He is a family friend, was my mother's boss for awhile, and I even briefly dated his son in my early teens.)  He has always believed in testing his physical boundaries.  I cannot even count the number of times I have called him crazy.  At age 62, he just ran his 75th marathon, including 29 consecutive years at the Marine Corps Marathon.  And that doesn't count the ultra-marathons he has run.  I don't know how many, but I think over 20, including the Keys100.  His daughter, Jodi, is also a marathoner (and an ultra-marathoner), and was a real encouragement when I was training for my first half marathon.  For his 30th run of the Marine Corps Marathon, I hope to cross that starting line with him... who's crazy now?

2. Running with music? Running without music?
No music.  But a good conversation, if I can find it!!! 

3. Do you have any fantasy race/event that you are longing to participate in someday?
The Marine Corps Marathon.  See ya in 2011!  (To be detailed in my next post.)

4. Think back to grade school ... who was your celebrity crush?
Really?  I have to admit this?  Probably the most memorable is Andrew McCarthy.  Yes, I was in love with Andrew McCarthy.  I admitted it.  You know... "Weekend at Bernie's", "Pretty in Pink", "Mannequin"... totally cheesy 80s flicks. 
5. You finally meet your grade school celebrity crush .... what do you do? What do you say?

Um, have you seen him now???  Not sure I'd have much more to say than "I loved you when I was a kid."  He looks emaciated.  Maybe I would cook him my creamy chicken enchiladas so he wouldn't look so hungry!
6. We don't hear about these guys enough .... Pets! Do you have any? Names? Type? Do they sleep in your bed? Are they in the family Christmas card??
Sorry, no pets here.  I have enough trouble cleaning after myself and my four kids... oh excuse me, three kids and a husband.  ;-)

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