Hardy-Har-Har and other Randomness

While I would like to continue the belief that my husband put the TV on backwards, the truth is that he always intended to turn the treadmill around, but it looked so ridiculous when he got the TV up, that I had to snap a photo!!! 

Other random questions that I've been asked...

Lizzy asked me about the temperature at White Rock Marathon:
It was about 34 at the start and went up to about 44.
(If you don't already follow Lizzy's blog, you need to... I mean, her blog title is "Food to Run For".  Really?  C'mon.  A must read.)

Lizzy also asked me about doing the National Half in March:
I'd actually love to except it's too close to my week in Disney with the family so that I can run the Princess Half.

Lucy asked if we have a lego store in our area:
Oh, yes, but honestly, I do not like it.  It's so small and congested.  We usually get stuff online or at Target.  But we do occassionally venture to the store. 

Shelley commented once that about larger races vs. smaller races (which she prefers):
Considering I live 10 miles outside of Dallas and "everything is big in Texas", there aren't that many super small races in my area.  And to be honest,  unless I'm getting bling, I'm usually not up for a long drive.  I have done one local race that was somewhat smaller, but still not small enough for me to be cool enough to place!  My New Year's Day half is only 200 participants (due to the race director limiting the participation)... so between that and the half I did in Cleburne, those are probably my smallest events.

Andrew asked me which marathon I was going to choose:
I'm not.  I hope to do BOTH!  Rock n Roll San Diego and Marine Corps Marathon.  I wish MCM wasn't a sell-out marathon, because I hate registering in February.  So much can happen between now and then.  But I plan on it.

A couple of you have commented that you'll be at Rock n Roll Dallas:
Send me your info, I would love to plan a get together.

A couple of you have asked about my marathon training plan:
I did mine loosely based upon the Runner's World Smart Coach.  I put in all the miles, but I didn't do the speedwork (I just ran the miles).  This WILL change next cycle.  I planned around my races, so would occassionally swap which weeks were higher mileage and which were lower.  Would I change anything?  Honestly, yes.  I would shorten the training cycle.  I was already running half marathons on a regular basis and felt like I had a pretty good mileage base.  Twenty weeks of following a plan and feeling like I "had" to run a certain number of miles wore me out.  By week 16, I was really struggling mentally.  I think next cycle I will cut it down to 16 weeks, and the cycle after that, I might cut it down to 12 weeks, so long as I'm retaining a good base mileage in between. 

Sorry posts have been so sparse.  I'm struggling just to keep up with family and friend obligations for Christmas.  I'm betting, though, that I'm not alone in this, as I know a few fellow bloggers are posting a little less as well. 

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