I finished!!!

My body did NOT cooperate today.  I'm convinced it had a lot to do with hydration/nutrition... but I finished.  5:12.  I will never feel the same about my quads again.  What they did to me today was devastating.  I think I had tears in my eyes the last 10 miles - and I'm still not sure if it was "what went wrong?" or "make this end." or "oh my goodness, this hurts".

But a special shout-out to Marathon Maiden, who I happened to spot right before the start and meet for a whole 10 seconds... she posted a 3:06.  Placing 8th woman overall and 2nd in her age group.  (And this is a HUGE race... 7,000 marathoners.)

More shout-outs to come tomorrow with a full race report... if I ever wake up from my marathon-induced coma.

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