It was a Merry Run-mas!

I know many of us load up the Christmas list with Running Gear... so I thought I'd share the items added to my "Running Box" this Christmas:

First, a dangler from SportHooks.  Haven't decided if I'll keep it as an ornament or hang it from the rearview mirror.  I suggested to Marcey that she make these for every state, that way maybe someday I can fill my tree with 26.2s in the states I've run in! 

A couple things on my wishlist that showed up under the tree... CW-X stability capri's and a black pair of CEPs:

Obviously, I know I love my CEPs, but I can't wait to try out the capri's and report back.  I will say I was shocked when I took them out of the bag... they look like they could fit an American Girl doll, but with a lot of work, I was able to tuck all my bumps and jiggles into them.  I definitely think I'll be sporting some shorts over these babies.

Then, I was surprised by my step-mother with a shirt I had never seen before, and cannot WAIT to wear it while training for the Disney Princess half (yes, it's a technical shirt):

In case you can't read it, it says "The race is my ball, my running shoes are my glass slippers, the finish line is my prince charming, and the accomplishment is my happily ever after."  Love it.  Best gift!
And finally, I got a new cookbook that I'd never heard of from my uncle:

Looking forward to flipping through it and trying some stuff out.  I'll definitely be reporting back on this one!

Lastly, my husband finished setting up my little "Lesley space", as he likes to call it:

So, did you get what was on your running wishlist this year???
Did you get anything that you hadn't seen before???