Mission Skincare Review and Giveaway

Yes, I have a lot of giveaways that were supposed to happen in December, but things just kind of got put on the side-burner with the holidays.  But wait, it's still December, right???  So I'll slip this one in just under the wire, and it's a good one.

Have you heard of Mission Skincare?   From their website:

MISSION Skincare®, the first and only line of Athlete-Engineered® Skincare products, was founded in 2008 by a premier group of world-class athletes including Serena Williams, Steve Nash, David Wright, Mia Hamm, Amanda Beard, Sergio Garcia, and more.

We know that people who lead active lifestyles have different skincare needs -- before, during and after workouts. To meet these dynamic needs, the MISSION Lab Team is led by world-renowned dermatologists, skincare experts and elite athletes. Together, we have developed sophisticated formulas designed to protect, strengthen, and hydrate your skin.

From Lip Care to Sun Care, and Personal Care to Performance Care, we have you covered from head-to-toe.

We also have a dual MISSION: To deliver world-class innovations that meet the unique Personal Care needs of an active lifestyle AND to make the biggest impact along the way by supporting the important charitable causes of our athletes and retail partners.

Now that's a MISSION Statement! What's yours?

Their products are developed and tested by some amazing athletes.  You can see the full list HERE

That's not enough?  Their profits go to a large list of charities.

Sounds great, right?  But do the products actually work?

I was sent a variety of products to try... let me give you my thoughts on a few of them:

Anti-Sting Sunscreen SPF-30 Facestick:

I admit that I'm not the best about putting on sunscreen.  Shame on me.  After getting sunburnt during my 20-miler in November, though, it really made me re-think applying sunscreen pre-run.  Especially for slower runners, like me... I'm out there a long time.  I used this facestick during the White Rock Marathon where I spent over 5 hours in the sun!  (Eek!)  And I didn't wear a hat, like I usually do.  I don't know how to review this except to say that I didn't notice it was there, and I didn't end up sunburnt.  I guess that means it worked!  It didn't make me feel sticky or greasy or any of the other things that I usually hate about sunscreen.  This will definitely stay in my must-have drawer.

Serena Williams' Pomegranate Lip Balmer SPF 15 and Sergio Garcia's Mint Lip Balmer SPF 15:
One thing that I always have in my race belt is some sort of lip balm.  Often it is Burt's Bees.  But I wanted to give these a try.  I have used both these on many runs now, and absolutely love them.  They stay on for a long time (I don't have to re-apply every 2 miles... in fact, I don't think I had to reapply at all during the marathon... once before and once after).  The flavors are nice.  They aren't too overwhelming or greasy.  Just a nice light lip balm.  Exactly what I need.  Personally, I prefer the mint because, well, I'm just a minty kind of girl!  This may be my first winter that I haven't suffered from massively chapped lips. 

High-Performance Anti-Friction Cream:

I do not run over 6 miles in the summer or over 8 in the winter without a heavy application of some sort of anti-chafe (for me, Body Glide is the norm).  Though Mission Skincare also has the stick similar to Body Glide, I was particularly interested to try this cream.  And I even rolled the dice and used the cream for my marathon.  For 5 hours of thigh and bra rubbing, this stuff held up.  Not a single chafe mark.  Nada.  And I love the ease of application with the cream... I can just squirt some on and put it where it needs to go.  Which means when I get that special spot that likes to chafe (um, perhaps, between my butt cheeks), I can just dab some cream on it instead of figuring out how to get a deoderant-sized bar into no-man's land.  (Yes, TMI.)  I wish Sam's or Costco sold this stuff with a giant handcrank. 

I'm also loving their Muscle Rub and Foot Cream.  I cannot say enough great things about this product line.  They work, they are moderately priced, and the company is charitable. 

Want to try some out???  I have TWO prize packages for TWO lucky winners.

First is the Anti-Friction Cream, Muscle Rub, and Mint Lip Balm.

Second is the Anti-Chafe Bar, Foot Therapy Cream, and Pomegranate Lip Balm. 

Here's what you need to do...

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Giveaway ends on 1/7.  The winners will be randomly selected from the comments.

Note:  Mission Skincare provided the products for review and giveaway.  No other compensation was received.  The opinions expressed here are my own.