Picking the Next Marathon

There are 3 major factors in picking my next marathon(s)... Timing, Friends, and Location.

I think I am settled on choosing my next two marathons, even if I have to sell the sweater off my back to get there.

Marathon #2 - June 5, 2011 - Rock 'n Roll San Diego

Timing - There is a local marathon in April, but that means I would have to be back on the training horse immediately, and I know that I need a mental break.  I think early June is the perfect timing.  Late enough that I can take a short break and then get to the training.  Early enough that I'm not stuck training in the ridiculous Texas heat.  It'll be the perfect time for redemption round 1!

Friends - I want to be there for Jen's first marathon.  And I know that Julie is better go for round 2 there too (see how I called you out, Julie?  now you have to do it).  Not to mention I have a couple of local friends that might be up for taking on the challenge with me, including Monika, ready for her own marathon redemption... and I have a friend from long ago, Kelly, who said she would meet me there and take on the half while I did the full.  I haven't seen Kelly since... well... this photo on the right with the Mystery Machine (Kelly is on the left, I'm on the right).  That was taken at Mardi Gras in 2001.

Location - It's San Diego.  Come on.  Gorgeous weather, beaches, and Legoland!  Hopefully, I will make this trip with my kids in-tow.  The last time I went to San Diego, I was 8 months pregnant with Paige, and we made the trip by car for 22 hours for a little RnR (in THAT case it was Rest 'n Relaxation).  But if no kids come along, I will still enjoy the nice weather and sticking my legs in the water post-race. 

Marathon #3 - October 30, 2011 - Marine Corps Marathon

Timing - There's almost 5 months between San Diego and this one... enough time to take a mental month and then hit the training.  I like the thought of getting this one in before the holiday season so that I can relax a little more for the holidays.  BUT it's on my husband's birthday.  Because this one is during the school year, the likelihood that the whole family could travel is pretty low, but this marathon is important to me for many reasons which I'll go into in a second.

Friends - Remember my last post?  My original running inspiration, Joe (well, ok, Mr. Malinowski to me), will be travelling north for his 30th consecutive Marine Corps Marathon.  It would be an honor to start with him.  Not only that, but I'm hearing chatter from some other bloggers about this race, so I'm hoping to see lots of bloggie friends there as well.  I also still have several friends in the area who I know would come out and cheer me on.  Plus I know my high school friend, Brandi, would be running it too. I grew up 30 miles south of DC, so I know I'd be well-supported.  AND most important... the chance to see my mother at the finish line.  I know she wouldn't miss it!

Location - It's in DC.  I grew up in the area.  Did I mention that my father was a Marine for 26 years?  And *I* went to USMC Officer Candidate School.  It's Marines in DC.  It's home.  I have a place to stay.  Is there really anything more needed???  This is THE marathon that is on my bucket list.

So what big races are you thinking of for 2011???