The Color Pink

I know that by posting this, I will subject myself to some ridicule, but here goes my complete ridiculousness...

I wear a lot of pink while running... love my pink CEPs... have a number of pink shirts... love my pink TMB endurance band (actually have 2 pink ones)...

I'm pretty sure that most of my awesome race days have been wearing pink.  Seriously, look at those geese... how could the not rock it while wearing pink? 

For the record, I really didn't like pink at all up until 6 years ago when my first daughter was born... even then I didn't like it much until she started loving for me to wear the same color.  Then I would buy more and more pink just because it made her happy.

Anyhow, most of my good runs occur while wearing pink.  Let me add in here that I am not superstitious.  I believe that God is in control, so it is a completely ridiculous notion to connect a color with success.  Completely and utterly ridiculous.

On to the major point... I finally got my lime green CEP socks.  I've been wanting these for awhile and now they are mine!  Then had a 50% off sale on some of their designs, and I snagged myself a lime green running skirt (I know a lot of you love, but I'm not a skinny minny, and the lightweight fabric just doesn't "hold" me as well as the much thicker SkirtSports).  So I'm set for race day... lime green skirt, lime CEP socks, black Nike shirt, black Nike arm sleeves.

But then I got this nagging feeling that I shouldn't mess with the pink... me + race = pink.  For some insane reason, it's been bothering me.  Thankfully, Robin set me straight.  This is my first marathon, and a marathon deserves a NEW color.  And besides, she reminded me, "Green means go!"  Yes it does.  So I will be rocking the lime green!  If you see a flash of lime green go past you on Sunday out at White Rock Lake, that's probably another runner me.

3 1/2 days to GO!   The next 3 days will be complete focus on VITAMIN C to get rid of this cough and junk in my throat... I would hate to have to spit a snotball into the spectators cough during the entire run Sunday.  I have been very good about denying high fat foods this week, but I think I am failing at getting to bed early enough, hydrating enough, and shockingly, I don't think I'm eating enough... must find carbs! 

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