Where is Lesley?

I know, I know.  I go through the marathon up and down, and then I go and disappear on you.  Bad blogger, bad, bad.  So what's up with Lesley...

On the running front, I took a full week off (not counting one very brief recovery run at a snail's pace mid-week last week.  Yesterday was really my first day back.  I ran 6 miles and felt great.  Like, really great.  Like, sent my confidence into marathon recovery overdrive and got stupidly ambitious thinking I would keep my game up and run 8 today.  And then I hit the gym today... and after 2.5 miles, my quads, you know, those lovely muscles that had zero mercy on me during the marathon, began to tighten.  And, for once, I was smart, slowed it down to a walk, and at 4 miles called it a day.  I'll probably take tomorrow off, and then see where my body allows me to go on Thursday.  This is sooooo different from training mode.

On the home front, I have spent this time off from running to catch up on the holiday "stuff".  Running a December marathon wasn't the best for my normal Christmas preparedness.  I was so behind.  Didn't own a tree, hadn't put it up... no stockings, no presents wrapped, only a few presents purchased.  Not to mention the non-holiday stuff that had piled up like my laundry pile that my 8-year-old equated to Mt. Everest (which the kids get to climb on a daily basis to find their school uniforms).  But I am happy to announce that I bought a tree (thank you Craigslist since the stores were all sold out of the decent trees), I decorated it, I hung the stockings, I wrapped presents, and last night, I even crafted some presents.  I would show you, but that would spoil it for the recipients.  Let's just say that I'm not as craft-impaired as I previously thought.

And that pretty much sums up this edition of "Where is Lesley?".  Hopefully the next post will be slightly more exciting... perhaps I hear a giveaway coming???  Maybe?  'Tis the season, ya know.

OH, but... I forgot to tell you what my brother and sis-in-law got me for my birthday... remember these ------>
Yeah, I own them now... be jealous!  ;-)
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