A New Outlook

As you all know, I just returned from a 2-day weekend in Little Rock for the RRCA Coaching Certification course.  No, I am not a certified coach.  I still have to take and pass a 100 question test in the next 30 days.  I haven't taken a real test in at least 6 years.  And believe me, this is a real test... not some fluffy, check-a-few-boxes, everyone passes test.

The class was not what I expected... it was so much more.  The teacher was Janet Hamilton, an exercise physiologist (among a long list of other abbreviations that go after her name and translate to "really smart").  I was enthralled with the science of it all... the physiology - muscle fibers, energy systems, chemical processes, etc.  The art part is a little more of a struggle for me.

I don't want to go into too much detail, cause I could go on forever... but I ate it up.  I mean, I really really enjoyed it.  In fact, I found myself picking out books today to do more in-depth reading on the physiological side.  The body is an amazing thing, and it's crazy how many factors go into something that is basically an instinctual activity. 

So I said before I went that I wanted the information... maybe I'd coach a little, maybe not.  I came back feeling that I had found my missing link.  The light bulb is flashing... and not only do a see coaching as a part of my future, I see it as a major part.  Wow!  Time to buckle down and take the test, but it sure isn't easy!!! 

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