Coaching Certification

How I officially know that I am a runner:
1.  I am driving 5 hours to pay to sit in class for 16 hours and then take a test just so I can help other people run.
2.  I packed 2 pairs of shoes - both running shoes - Asics and Brooks.
3.  I packed more running outfits than regular clothes even though I will probably only run once on the treadmill in the hotel Saturday night.

When you read this, I'm probably already in Little Rock, Arkansas taking my RRCA Coaching Certification course.  The course description says:

Day one will be The Basis of Training. The curriculum will include the Fundamentals of Coaching, Rules of Training, Physiology, Psychology, Injury Prevention and Nutrition.

Day two will be devoted to the Techniques of Training. It will cover developing training plans, cycles, and progressions, speed work and other related topics. Group exercises will teach how to apply the topics covered.

Why am I taking this course?  Do I have visions of coaching a mini-Prefontaine into greatness?  Yeah, probably not.  What I do know is that I talk about running a lot.  And I have a lot of people ask me questions.  At this point, I almost feel I have a responsibility to make sure I have a good knowledge base with which to answer them.  I cannot wait to take this course.  I can't wait to have this knowledge to take my own running to new places as well as that of others I encourage/help.  I don't know if coaching is my future, but I do know that this class with be a great benefit to me.  Looking forward to reporting back...