Four Facts Friday

I know, I'm breaking the mold.  Can the blog world withstand such a departure from Three Things Thursday posts?  I'm living on the edge... 

1.  Wow, what a response I've already had to the GoLite Running Tights Giveaway (don't forget that these are available in men's also, so I expect to see more of you fella's entering...).  If you haven't entered yet, go check it out.

2.  Also, I wanted to remind you that through the end of this month (1/31), Mission Skincare is offering an amazing 25% off to my blog readers.  Their anti-friction cream, lip balm, muscle rub, and refreshing foot cream is awesome!!!  The discount code is racingitoff , so go order now!

3.  When I do something, I dive in head first.  I wanted to get some "experience" with coaching, so I kind of posted it on my facebook status, and uh, now I have a whole slew of athletes to train.  Yes, I'm doing it for free.  It's more important to me, right now, to get my feet wet before I start to charge.  Wish me luck!

4.  This was my first good, full, consistent week of workouts since the marathon way back on December 5th.  So thankful.  I feel back in the grove, but I also feel like I needed that time off (it wasn't completely "off", I just didn't stick to any schedule and only got in 2-3 runs a week).  I'm refreshed and ready to start pounding out the miles.  (But my chest muscles are still screaming from the bodyworks class I took yesterday... my arms are so wimpy... must change that.)