I'm Not the Only One Training...

For those that are my friend on Facebook, I apologize, but what can I say?  When I see cuteness, I have to spread it around.  Sorry, it's a mother's prerogative.  But I have my mini-people signed up to race at Disney as well, and I can't wait.  SkirtSports put little girl skirts on clearance last week for $5 each (on sale from $32).  I'm guessing it was because they mostly just had toddler sizes left... but that was just fine with me.  Check out this Princess-in-Training!!!

She was so excited to be "like Mommy" that she wore the skirt to naptime.  Who am I to deny a girl a little love for some running gear.  Now I really need to get her some new tennis shoes or else go ahead and read "Born to Run" so I can be inspired to let her go barefoot! 

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