Ringing in the New Year... 2011!

I started the year off right... with 13.1 miles at the New Year's Day Half Marathon!  Look for a review in the next day or two.  That's race one of at least 12 for the Run for the Bling of It Challenge!!!  Have you signed up yet???

Thank you so much for your challenges to me!  So here they are... my 2011 Goals.

Cut processed sugar.
Reduce fast food to no more than once per week.
Lose 15 18 lbs. (That's what I get for eating my way through the holidays.)

Complete RRCA Coaching Certification.

Run at least 12 races.  (Run for the Bling of It!!! Challenge)
*Run at least 2 races of each type (5k, 10k, 15k, Half, and Marathon).
Stay injury-free.
Incorporate weekly speedwork.
Incorporate weekly cross-training and/or strengthening.
2011km (1250 miles) - I liked the sound of 2011, but I'm going for quality over quantity this year!

Time Goals:
5k - sub-26
10k - 1:00
15K - 1:30
Half Marathon - 2:05  (Though, I'd love a sub-2)
Full Marathon -  4:30

*Thanks Tanya! Love this challenge.  E-mail me your address, and I'll send you out a small "thank you" prize!

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