Sneak Peek Sunday

Oh, I like this... I may have to do a Sneak Peek post every Sunday... anyhow...

- Monday - Expect a full review of Too Cold to Hold 15K.  I PR'd by 20 minutes, but missed my goal by 33 seconds.  Boo.

- Tuesday - Coaches corner... I'm going to share with you fun little tidbits about my adventures as a very newbie coach.   (Don't worry amazing people that volunteered to help me get my feet wet, I will not reveal your secret identities when I gloat about how great you all are.)

- Wednesday - I'll announce a winner for the GoLite Running Tights.  GO ENTER while there's still time.

- Thursday - Seriously?  You think I really plan my blog week that well?  As if... I usually write based on the mood of the day...  I can't believe I got this far!!!

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