"The Long Run" - Book Review

If you read Runner's World, then you've seen Matt Long's story in print.  His story is heartbreaking, then encouraging, then outright inspiring and awesome!

When the family got a Kindle for Christmas, I decided I needed to test it out, so I went and downloaded "The Long Run".
To give a super brief synopsis (cause I don't want to spoil it if you don't know the story):  Matt Long, a NYC firefighter, a 3:13 marathoner, and an 11:18 ironman, got run over by a bus while riding a bike to work in December of 2005.  This is the story of his struggle, his fight, and ultimately, his triumph.
Let me write a short aside here to tell you that I don't read story books.  What I mean is that on the very rare occassion that I do read, it's usually informational - like "The Runner's Handbook" and "Racing Weight" (neither of which I've finished yet).  This is the first time I sat down to read a story since college when I was forced to read (and even then, not too often since I was an engineering major).  I've never really found it relaxing, and I'm an extremely slow reader, which makes it that much more painful.
I can pretty much sum up my review of this book in just a few words... I read it in two days.  That's right... Me... the non-reader... TWO days.  Yes, it was that good.  Completely captivating.  And the odd part is that I had read the majority of the story in the Runner's World articles, and yet I still hung on every word... itching to hear the details.  He puts it all out there... the demons as well as the triumphs.
The book is written with flashbacks scattered throughout, but I still had no trouble following the line of the story.  Order it, download it, check it out at the library... I consider this a must read!  And when I finished... I got on the treadmill... inspired to R-U-N!
What running books do you recommend? 
I already downloaded "Born to Run", but was sad that "Staying the Course" (Dick Beardsley), "My Life on the Run" (Bart Yasso), and "Pre" were not available for download.