The Versatile Blogger Award

Yes, I know a ton of these bloggie awards float around, but I've never gotten one asking for sharing random facts, so I figured this was an opportunity for a little get to know you...

Thank you Julie at Hotlegs Runner, for passing on The Versatile Blogger award...

SEVEN random facts about me:

1.  I went through and graduated from USMC Officer Candidate School (i.e. boot camp).  I turned down my commission to accept a job at a large defense contractor.

2.  I worked at this large defense contractor for 8 years prior to quitting to stay home with my kids (I had 2 at the time, but now have 3).  I spent about half those years working on the proposal for the largest defense contract ever and the other half doing "war game" simulations. 

3.  While I held down my full-time engineering job, I was also a professional bellydancer by night.  (See, I knew I could shock at least a few of you.)  I stopped post-kids (mostly due to time constraints), but still have most of my costumes.

4.  I may seem crazy at times, but in reality, I'm pretty conservative (yes, despite my last mentioned profession).

5.  I was never an athlete growing up... I was a clutz and a nerd.  I'm still shocked that I'm even semi-athletic now.

6.  I don't do yardwork.  EVER.  I hate it.  Thankfully, my husband babies the yard as if he carried it in his own womb for 9 months.

7.  I have a business specializing in chainmaille jewelry.  I love it.  It's almost as therapeutic as running to sit and weave hundreds of little rings together.  However, I really hate the "selling it" part.  But silver is uber-expensive, and I have to support the habit.

Is that random enough???

And now I'm supposed to pass on this award... but I think most blogs I read have already done this... but if you haven't and you'd like to share, I'd love to hear YOUR 7 random facts.

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