Too Cold to Hold 15K

Ok, Ok... I promised a race recap today, so here I am!

But briefly off-topic... I started my day off right with a quick 3 mile run.  Which, of course, made me hungry.  So I went to cook some eggs for me and Paige.  I cracked 4 eggs into the pan, then Paige needed to go potty... so off we went.  When I came back to the pan, this is what I found:

Seriously?  Who can't have a good day after a breakfast like that?

Anyhow, back to the race... yesterday was Too Cold to Hold.  They had a 5k and a 15k, and I chose to do the 15k.  I mainly chose the 15k because there aren't a ton of races at that distance, and I wondered what I could handle.  I had a secret goal time in my head of 1:33 (which would be perfect 10 min/mile).  But honestly, I was just ready to erase my only other 15k from the record books.  I ran it in mid-July in the blazing and unforgiving Texas heat, and my time reflected that.  It wasn't the time, in particular, I was disappointed in... they're just numbers... but it was the fact that I knew I was capable of a lot more.

For once, we didn't have to leave at some insane hour, so I slept until 6:30am.  I got princess'd up in my "Glass Slipper" shirt and SkirtSports pink and black skirt (I think I have issues with pink and black).  And I did my best attempt at a self-photo in the style of ShellyRM

Yeah, not too successful.  I look thrilled, don't I?  What I *was* thrilled about was this First Ascent (from Eddie Bauer) base layer that I was trying out.  Sure, it's for mountain climbing, but I had some credit at the store, so I figured I'd try it out...  Uber-soft and it came in tall so actually went to my wrists and ankles... and had the cool thumb-holes...

Yet again, I'm straying off topic... the race... yeah... the race.  So at 7:15am, I head out the front door to meet up with Elaine.  And we hop in my car and head to the lake where we get our "usual" parking spot, and then get out and start shivering in the cold.  Brrrrrrrr... The temp was around 39 degrees, but we're wimpy Texans, and we get cold if it's 60.  I was really cold, especially since we weren't moving yet!
(Me and Elaine before the race.)
Now the race... and now that we're at the race, I don't have a lot to say... Here are some photos the promoters took at the start:

I was the token female in this photo... craziness.
I started the race with 2 friends - EW and Big Al.  We kept pace pretty close to my goal 10 min/mile for the first half of the race and then we parted ways.  Big Al sped up ahead and EW decided to take it a little easy.  I tried to keep trucking at the same pace, but it was hard.  Races are hard.  Well, racing them is hard.  Truly pushing yourself to your limit is hard stuff... but I'm glad I can suck it up for long enough to find out what I'm capable of.  But around mile 7, some "girlie" cramps pulled me just off pace... and I knew I would need to finish strong to reach my goal.  It was one of those times when you have the will to push through the pain and finish strong, but the legs just will not go any faster.  Ugh... no fun.  I would've made any coach proud, as my 5k splits were almost exactly even... just over 31 minutes at the 5k point, just over 62 minutes at the 10k, and 1:33:33 at the finish.  Shucks.  Just barely off my goal, but still a 20 minute PR over my summer 15k. 
(Elaine, Me, and EW at the finish.)
As far as placement... I finished about a minute behind the top 3 Athenas... and I finished 22 seconds after the 4th place Athena (who reads this blog, congrats on a great run, Aimee!!!)  Seriously, Aimee... it's time we meet after placing right next to each other in two races.  Please find me at the next one!
I also enjoyed seeing new friend and fellow blogger, Michelle K, who I got to cheer on as she was heading back at about the 5 mile point for her.  Her husband was just ahead of her, and we were telling her to catch him... which she did!  Great job, Michelle. 
 (EW, Elaine, Me, and Michelle sporting her best winter hat!  Love it, girl!)

Oh, and here's the fun shirt and winter beanie we got in our packet:
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