I'm here, I'm here!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've gone 4 days between blog posts.  I promise that I haven't fallen into some pit of despair.  I've just been crazy pre-occupied with the Disney trip.  You see, for me, it's not just about this:

But it's also about coordinating an 8-day 11-person vacation.  (Me, hubby, my 3 kids, my dad, my step-mom, my 2 nephews, and my 2 step-siblings.)  The kids also have to get some school things done before I pull them out.  Not to mention, I STILL don't have my tickets even though I ordered them 2 weeks ago.  I called back early this week and it turns out they messed up and had to re-order... and I still haven't gotten the tickets from the second order.

So besides the race and the large vacation... my husband is also a finalist for a very prestigious award at his company.  The award trip and banquet are, guess what, in Orlando... the exact same week.  What are the chances?  So this means for 2 of the days, I'll be completely without the husband to help with the kiddos.  This also means on Sunday, I have to be prepared (post-half-marathon) to go to a formal awards banquet.  Which means I have been in mega-clothes shopping mode.  I don't own anything "formal".  Shopping was not as fun as I remembered... and it took 2 days of shopping to find something suitable.  (OK, I found "the" dress during the first day but it had a poofy skirt, and I was afraid it would be a packing nightmare since we're trying to stick with carry-ons.)

Now comes packing list time... (thanks RR for supplying me a copy of yours, it gave me a starting point).  Who knew vacations were so much work????????  The good news is that my red custom-made Snow White headband came in the mail!  Thanks TMB!!!

And the girls' race shirts (they are doing the kid races) are ready to go thanks to Kenzie Kouture (my amazing friend, Chrystyna who puts up with my overwhelming complex last-minute requests involving rounds of indecisiveness):

Now if USPS would just deliver my tickets, and UPS would just deliver my other last minute things that were supposed to arrive over a week ago, I'd be golden!  Oh, and I'd like for us all to get over the uber-crud that's been going around.  My head is pounding, and I skipped my 11-miler this morning... cancelling on a planned run with a friend is not something I take lightly.  Must find time to nap and then get in some sort of run... see what my body can handle while I'm slightly under-the-weather.

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