Links of Awesomeness

What do you do when you are iced in and school is closed and there are mandatory rolling blackouts?  You spend a lot of time catching up on blogs, of course... doesn't everyone?

While I had considered other posts today, I read so many great things today, that I just had to share them... so this will be a post of links.

If you click on no other link today, please click on THIS ONE.  Giraffy is a runner who just recently found out her daughter has Leukemia.  Giraffy is fundraising for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, and will pick her race distance based on how many donations she gets.  Please, please consider opening your wallets and your hearts on behalf of her little girl, Gabby.  Giraffy has been a great commenter/supporter in the blog community, and it's time to turn that around and support her!

On another note, Keelie from "Real Fat" had a great post yesterday on deciphering Nutrition Facts Panels.  You know, these things:

Really helpful post.  Go read it HERE.

On a similar note, Jason had a great post about Nutrition for Endurance Athletes a few days ago.

Eye candy of the week goes to Rad Runner.  Check out those new shoes!!!  Love them.

But coolest post of the week has to go to Katie, who I've followed for quite awhile, and who yes, I still think is cooler than me.  (Yes, this post is just to make you giggle... )

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