Marathon Training - Schedule and Week 1

Today kicks off my marathon training for Rock n Roll San Diego on June 5th.  Unfortunately, I woke up to a crying Paige who was on fire...

Ugh... then I was faced with the ultimate dilemma...

To eat or not to eat?  You see, I want to lose 10 lbs before my marathon.  I've been at a weight plateau for over a year, and it's time to drop the last 20.  So I'm splitting the goal... 10 before June 5th marathon and another 10 before October 30th marathon.  I hope I can do it.  You KNOW I did the math.  I have 112 days until the marathon and 10 lbs (35,000 calories), which means I have to cut approximately 300 calories a day.  (Nevermind that I have pound cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce planned for Valentine's Day dessert.)  Baby steps and a few GOOD decisions a day can get me there.  And for the record, I did NOT eat a donut!

On to the important stuff... my friend and fellow runner, Libby, challenged me to put my training schedule out there.  So here I am posting my planned training schedule for marathon #2.

The yellow are races (yes, I know, I know... but I love my races).  The blue days will include TBD speedwork.  The gray days are my Disney trip, so I went easy on myself.

So for this week, I have on the schedule
Monday: 3 + bodyworks class
Tuesday: 6
Wednesday: 4
Thursday: 6
Friday: Off
Saturday: 12
Sunday: Off

And Monday has already started off bad because I can't take my class since I can't head to the gym with a sick kid.  And, unfortunately, since I didn't know she was sick, I didn't get up early to get my run in before Peter left, which means home treadmill for today.  I will try to update each Monday!!!