Marine Corp Marathon!!!

If I timed this right, this should post at 10:20am Eastern on February 23rd.  This is an important time for me because...

Entry opens for the 36th Marine Corps Marathon!!!

While you don't have to "qualify" for it, it does sell out quick.  Last year, I believe it sold out in 6 days, which I believe is quicker than the 2010 Boston Marathon sold out.  Which really worries me considering how fast Boston sold out this year... will MCM be even faster?  I will be attempting to register from vacation from my smartphone.  This marathon is very important to me, so pray that I get in!!!

Why is MCM so important to me?  I grew up about 30 miles south of D.C.  This is my stomping grounds.  My father was a Marine.  *I* went to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (although I subsequently turned down my commission for a job at a defense contractor).  And the first real "runner" I remember being part of my life (at the time, my mother's boss) and a major running inspiration for me will be there towing the line with me (it will be his 30th consecutive MCM - Wow!!!).  This will be a sentinmental race for me.  I also have friends from my grade school days who will also be there.  And I will be able to have my mom on the course for the first time!!!

To be continued... (I hope with a happy face!)