Week 2 Marathon Training

Week 1 schedule:

Monday - 3 + Bodyworks - Sick kiddo... completed 3 miles, but no Bodyworks class!

Tuesday - 6 - Completed.

Wednesday - 4 - Completed.  I wanted an hour for my workout, so I added a 1 mile walk to the 4 mile run.

Thursday - 6 - Completed.  I am SO proud of myself for this day.  Emily and I decided to make-up bodyworks class.  I only got in 1.5 miles before bodyworks started.  Then went to class for an hour which included A LOT of squats.  Wow, jello legs.  But I got back on that treadmill anyway and finished out the last 4.5 miles.  I had to slow down the pace quite a bit, but I did it!  Yeah me!!!

Friday - Off - Completed.  I needed this.  I cherish my rest days!!!

Saturday - 12 - Completed.  Thanks to Robin who didn't mind slowing down a little so that I could get this run in.  It's easy to be motivated when you make plans to meet up with someone!

Sunday - Off - Completed.  Yes, I love rest.

I have also been right on track with my eating.  So a great week!

This next week... ahhhhh... I predict it'll be my biggest struggle!  Vacation + training!
Week 2 schedule:
Monday - 3 + Bodyworks
Tuesday - Off (in-flight to Disney!!!)
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - 5
Friday - 3
Saturday - Off
Sunday - 13.1 - Disney Princess Half-Marathon