Welcome to My Brand of Crazy

I've said before that I often do math on the shower walls in the steam. I know, I'm weird... so I thought I'd just lay all the crazy out for you to see.

This is what I calculated today...

Every night I eat 5 Dove milk chocolate squares = 220 calories.

3500 / 220 = 15.9

So every 15.9 days, I could cut 1 lb out of my diet just by not eating my daily chocolates.

That's just shy of 2 lbs per month... with just over 4 months until my marathon.

That's a potential 8 lbs. Per the theory, you gain 2 seconds/mile of speed for every lb lost.

So, potentially at the same physical capability as the last marathon, I could cut 16 sec/mile off.

Over 26.2 miles, this translates to 7 minutes.

So, the conclusion...
I could run with the exact same physical capability as last time, and just by cutting out my daily Dove chocolate, I could take 7 minutes off my time.

If only it were that simple!!!

See, I told you I have my own brand of crazy... these calculations covered my shower wall. All very interesting... in theory.

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