What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last Saturday, I was sick, so I cancelled my 10 miles at the lake with Robin.  But the weather was just too pretty to not at least try to get outside... The girls (age 2 and 6) got on their little bikes and went up and down the sidewalk while Patrick (age 8) and I got in a little running.  Up and down and up and down my VERY short street (about 100m).

Yeah, I made it a whopping 1.7 miles in 20 minutes.  I know, I'm nipping at the heels of Prefontaine.  Patrick made it a good mile of that with me in 10:53... pretty impressive considering how long it has been since he last ran.  He was asking me all sorts of questions such as how to fuel before his race at Disney.  Paige made it 100m.  Lily made it only 100m also.  She's done a mile before but spent the night before this little run with a nasty fever... and just couldn't breath right.  Some of the neighbors were out and must've thought we were nuts going up and down the street.  We ran the length of the street no less than 20 times.  Oh well, we all got some fresh air, right?

So this week, I was determined to really get in my long run.  On the schedule was 12 miles, and despite my cancelling last week, Robin again agreed to slow down and go to the lake with me.

Ah, the lake... wide open spaces... no pacing back and forth.  1 1/3 loops to get in 12 miles.  The weather was beautiful.  I kept a good pace (11 min/miles) except for miles 7 and 8 when the wind really picked up, and if felt like it was pushing us to a halt (we slowed to 11:30s).  I ran in shorts!  I love warm weather.  So nice to be back at the lake and to top off week 1 of marathon training with a gold star!