Dreadmill Entertainment

When I run outside, I go music-free.  I enjoy the silence, unless of course I can indulge in some adult conversation.  At the gym, on the treadmill, despite there being TVs, I rarely watch, I usually just go and maybe do some people watching.  Again, I will definitely forego the silence if there's some adult conversation to be had.  But at home, when I'm stuck in my little room on my hamster wheel, for some reason I have a lot more trouble getting in the zone.  I usually put in a movie while I run. 

Yesterday, since both girls were stuck home sick, I hit the home treadmill.  I put in a movie to watch, looked at the plan, and went for it.  I was really pleased when I saw this:

Oh yeah, nothing better than seeing the credits of a movie roll before you finish your run.  It was a victorious feeling.  Like I conquered the home treadmill, which is admittedly, the hardest place for me to run mentally (and not because of the treadmill factor, because I actually am really attached to the gym treadmill).  Something about the house and distractions and zero accountability (you don't want to be the chick at the gym who hops off after 10 minutes).  But unbelievably yesterday, both sick girls left me alone for a full 8 miles.  No stops to take a 2 year old to potty, no stops because someone was hungry, no doorbells ringing, etc.

Today I had a shorter run planned... 4 miles, and again I decided to run at home.  Paige was home but Lily went to school, so when Paige is alone, she's a lot less likely to stay put... so today, my treadmill entertainment was this:

Oh yeah... listen to that for 45 minutes while trying to control your breathing.  But it did help that Paige was right next to me.  Because she was right there, she was less likely to run in and ask me to "come here" for some catastrophe.  So I made it through a couple days stuck home and maintained motivation!  Shew!!!

So what do *you* do to keep yourself going while you run?  Do you enjoy silence?  Are you an iPod fan?  Or do you watch NCIS every night (like TMB)?