Go Girl Sport Review and Discount

I have a fairly new love of running skirts, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try the Tuxedo Skort from Go Girl Sport

Go Girl Sport was born in 2006 when co-owners and runners, Mercedes and Stephanie, decided to make a business out of what they loved most, athletics.  Sounds like a perfect match to me.  If I could choose who would be designing my running skirt, I would pick someone who can relate to me - a female runner... double score!

I have seen a couple other runners review the Go Girl Sport Skort, but they were both petite.  I'm a 5'11" Athena runner, so I was interested to see how this skirt worked for me.

Despite it being shorter than most running skirts, I loved the look, and I can't wait to wear it on those super-hot Texas summer runs.  It felt just like I was wearing shorts.  And if you've seen this Tuxedo Skort before, you might be pleased to see that it now comes in 4 new colors - Hollywood Fuschia, Mysterious Jade, Psychedelic Purple (shown above), and Sweetheart Rose.  Love, love, love the new colors!

So I started a run and did something unprecedented... I put a camera on a timer behind me to take a picture of my rear while I was running.  Trust me, I do not like to burn out other people's eyes while running, so I wanted to see if this super short skirt stayed in place.  After a few miles, I reviewed the photo... and guess what... the skirt hadn't moved out of place at all.  My rear was perfectly covered (I am still not going to torture you with a photo of me from the back with my thighs attempting to start a fire).

My only real complaint about this skirt is the undershorts.  While I love that they stayed in place and were the same length as the skirt for nice coverage, I didn't like that they had a center seam all the way around.  A little TMI, but in my other running skirts, I typically go commando because the undershort provides what I need... but I could not do that with these because the center seam liked to creep into bad places.  Easily remedied with a pair of good undies.  ;-) 

Definitely a nice, comfortable, attractive skort that would be a plus to your running wardrobe.  Oh, and the skort had a nice pocket for a GU or car key!

And check out their matching Toga Tank and Vortex V-neck.  Super cute look with color options to match the new skort colors.

At a price of $64, it's certainly not cheap, but it seems to be right in line with the other running skirts out there on the market.  And guess what, you can get a 20% Discount off your entire purchase by entering discount code 20SHEGO at checkout.  Thanks Go Girl Sport!

Disclosure:  I received this product to test and review.  I was not otherwise compensated.  The opinions expressed are my own.