Guess What Comes After a Peak?

That's right, a valley. 

Monday morning, straight off the high of my good run, Paige woke up with a fever.  And that translates into no gym for me.  I took it as a sign from God that I should let my body rest for a day before getting back to the grind.

Sick Paige and I sat in my bed enjoying having our feet up and watched a movie.  Then Paige started yet another coughing fit... coughed so much that she threw up all over my bed.  Fun times.  Motherhood is never boring.  So my sheets went straight into the wash... and since I have a favorite set of sheets, I was going to wait for them to be clean before re-making the bed.  (You'll understand all this detail in a minute.)

Monday night, just after dinner, I got the sheets from the dryer.  Now, I have a hardwood floor.  So while carrying my large pile of king size sheets, I accidentally stepped on them.  Moving person on top of sheets on top of slick hardwood floor... are you getting where I'm going with this?  Immediately the sheets slipped, and I went down hard.  I fell pretty hard onto my right hip.  Ouch!  There was a little aching in my foot, but my hip was throbbing.

Tuesday, I wake up and though my hip seems to be bruised, it doesn't seem to function any differently.  In other words, it's just fine.  However, I started getting odd feelings in my foot - aching during extended walking and occassional shooting pain when the foot turns a certain way.  Hmmmmm... I wonder if it twisted when it slipped on the sheet.

Tuesday night, I got on the treadmill hoping the ache was relatively minor and didn't affect my running.  Walked 0.5 miles and felt ok... started running and didn't even make it 0.5 mile.  Every single time I pushed off, it ached.  Now, not the kind of ache that makes you scream injury... but the kind of ache that says "I wonder if running is going to make this worse and then I won't be able to run for a lot longer?"  So I stopped.  Wednesday, still noticeable pain... occassionally noticed a change in my gait to compensate.  Oh dear, this is not good.

Wednesday... call the Doctor, because I am not in a place to just wait and see with this one.  I have training to do.  I need to know if running through the pain will make it worse, or how long I should stay off it.  I want the answer now so I can deal with it much quicker than if I irritate it by pushing through a run.  The Doctor had a cancellation and can see me today (Thursday).  I will have a tough time making it to the special showing of "My Run" tonight, but it was today or not until next week.  I'll take it.  I want answers.

So pray for me... I go to the Doctor at 5pm tonight.  I was starting to feel optimistic until I went grocery shopping and 30 minutes in the store had me limping.  What is irritating is that basic walking around the house and doing things does not hurt at all... and I feel fine, and then all of a sudden I'll do something and yee-oww. 

Go figure after 2 years of fairly consistent running 25-45 miles a week with no injuries except for minor shin splints in the first couple months of increasing mileage that my first issue would come from being a total and complete clutz!!!