Half #11 Coming Tomorrow

First, I am the worst blogger... I went to a huge expo, then had some blogger buddies over to my house for snacks on Friday, and guess what?  I took absolutely ZERO photos.  Did I forget my crazy photo-happy hands?  Not sure what the deal was, but I had fun at both.  At the expo, I remembered why I like to go on Friday... my feet were tired, and I put too many crazy bar samples in my mouth.  Not a recipe for a good pre-race day.

So today was all about taking it easy.  I did have one event to go to... a 2-year-old birthday party.  Not the ideal place for a pre-race meal.  BUT the mom of that 2-year-old happens to be one of my running buddies (although currently injured).  I pleasantly surprised when she made PASTA to serve at the party.  Hello?  Seriously?  She knew I had this race on Sunday, and I don't think she could've lined up a better meal. 

My kids have now been happily delivered to grandpa, and I am minutes away from heading to my bed and keeping my feet up because tomorrow is a race day.  But I had to come post so that tomorrow when I feel like quitting, I will know that you all are waiting for my report.  And despite this being my eleventh half... I can almost guarantee that there will be at least one moment tomorrow where stopping crosses my mind as an option.  Tomorrow, I'm going for the elusive PR.  For me, that's difficult.  My PR was set of a very flat course in nearly perfect weather conditions on a course that was exactly 13.1 miles (how many halves measure out that closely?).  I have had 4 half marathons between then and now and cannot seem to catch that 2:15.  I am determined tomorrow to push to the point of pain and then push through it.  I have my speedy pacer lined up to help motivate me, and she has a nice steady pace planned for me with a slightly slower first 2-3 miles.  I want that PR.