Our Disney Trip... in pictures!

I promise the race recap is coming... as soon as I can narrow down the 100+ photos to something manageable.  But for now... I thought some of you might enjoy a little photo recap of our Disney trip.  We were in the park for 7 days.  The kids had an amazing time!!!  (And these are in no particular order... what day things happened is all a blur!)

The kids ready to leave for Disney:

Patrick and Lily smiling in front of the cool bushes at Epcot!

The first character Paige wanted to meet, but she was too scared to go alone.

Patrick's favorite photo cause he looks Goofy!  Bwahahaha.

The girls coloring while they wait for Patrick and I to ride the Rock 'n Roll Coaster!

Typical madness at the hotel (Paige, Lily, and my nephew Connor with my Dad).

One of my favorite photos... taken at Animal Kingdom.

I think Paige knew that Darth Vader is evil, what do you think?

In case you didn't know, Patrick is a Star Wars fanatic!

After seeing everyone dressed up, I let Paige buy and wear a mermaid skirt on our last day in the parks!

I think I mentioned the weird timing, but Peter was sent to Orlando for a business award trip at the exact same time as our already planned vacation.  Here we are at the award banquet where he won Engineer of the Year out of thousands in his company!  Wow!  

My favorite moment of the whole trip.  Hands down.  Paige LOVES Minnie Mouse, and for once, she wasn't scared... she RAN over to meet Minnie.  So so sweet!
It was an exhausting but amazing trip.  There were lots and lots of smiles!  It was so much fun to watch my kids' reactions to everything.  Totally worth every penny spent on that trip!