Royal Family Kids' Race Report

First... if you plan to attend Rock 'n Roll Dallas on March 27th, please e-mail me and let me know.  Also let me know when you plan to be in town and your availability Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  I'm going to work on putting together a fun, relaxed blogger get together at one of those two times depending on what most people are available for.

Second... if you live in or near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and have done some races in that area, please e-mail me!!!  Thanks!

And now to the race recap... be prepared for some serious proud mom syndrome!!! 

First up was my mini-me, Paige.  She was registered for the 100m dash.  Can you see how thrilled she is???

As much as she runs on the treadmill and cheers on mommy, she did not like the big race day crowd.  She made it very clear to me before we started that she had no intentions of running.  Oh well... wasn't her day... so I took her hand and we walked our way to the finish line.  She was, however, very attached to her bling.  She was the only kid that insisted on wearing it to the park all day.

Immediately after finishing with Paige, I handed her off to my dad and headed over to get Lily and run her to the other side of the track.  Lily lined up for the 200m dash.  She wanted to do it on her own.  She knew where the finish line was.  I told her I would run on the grass on the inside of the track so I could stay with her.  The gun went off and my little girl BOLTED.

I don't know if you can make out where she is... but she's towards the back of the photo in the center in pink.  Girl is all energy and just went for it.  I was screaming my head off cheering for her, and she would occassionally glance over while somehow continuing to turn over those little bitty legs like lightening. 

Look at that ponytail flying.  She was SO proud of herself when she crossed the finish, and I could hardly contain myself.  I was bursting with pride.  I had no idea she had that in her.  She just completely went for it and didn't give up.  She's run further before, but I've never seen her just go for it like she did this day.  Even thinking about it makes me teary-eyed.  Mommy was so stinkin' proud!

Next up was Patrick who was signed up for the one-mile run.  He said he was going to run it on his own, but when he saw the amount of people lined up, he decided he wanted me to run along with him.  I had a backpack and a video camera, so I had to figure out how to run it to my dad near the finish line and get back in time to start with 5 minutes to go.  With perfect timing, though, RR was coming over from the expo to watch Patrick run his race... so she was amazing and took my backpack so I could run.  We were off, and you could tell who had a runner mom... because we all kind of stayed together giving the same speech - "slow and steady... don't worry, those kids that sprinted out will run out of gas and we'll pass them by 3/4 mile".  We stayed with the same group of people almost the entire time.  At 1/2 mile, there was a water stop.  What???  Patrick eyeballed it, and mommy said "NO!"  Once I pointed out how many people we would pass while they drank water, he was all about continuing on.  By the way, it was hot that day.  Sun blazing... over 80 degrees.  We continued on - slow and steady.  The final 150m was on the track, so I started to psyche Patrick up... I told him that when we hit that track we were going all out.  He told me that he couldn't go any faster, that he was too tired.  I told him that now was the time to suck it up for 30 seconds and ignore the pain and just go for it.  I told him that he had more in him than he thought, and he could do it.  And when that boy's feet hit the track, the kid went blazing.  I was having trouble keeping up as he sprinted, but I did.  After he hit the finish line, I was super proud... and you know what?  Patrick wouldn't speak to me.  He was so mad at me for telling him he "had to sprint" that last 150m that he wouldn't talk.  But he did it.  He rocked it.  His last mile race was 13:06... this time, he completed the race in 10:40 (he's 8).  Not bad, little dude... not bad at all!!!!

Those are some blinged up kids!  And one proud mommy took that photo!!!