Week 4 Marathon Training

I'm going to do a 2-week recap since I wasn't here to detail last week!

Week 2 schedule:
Monday - 3 + Bodyworks - Completed... had to run the 3 in sub-10 min/miles to get done before class. That's super fast for me. The bodyworks class was BRUTAL. My quads and calves were literally throbbing. It's making me stronger, right???
Tuesday - Off (in-flight to Disney!!!) - Completed
Wednesday - Off - Completed
Thursday - 5 - Fail - Well I shouldn't call it a fail.  I made a very deliberate decision not to run.  I was exhausted from tons of walking around Disney (there's no taking it easy when you have 5 kids with you under the age of 9).  I made the decision that running this week would not be a benefit.
Friday - 3 - Fail - Same reasoning as Thursday.
Saturday - Off - Ran 1.2 miles with my kids during their races.  Ended up being a good thing so that my body could understand the warmth and humidity without wearing myself out before race day!
Sunday - 13.1 - Disney Princess Half-marathon - The best 13.4 miles (because we were running zigzag to all the characters) in all my life... seriously.  So. Much. Fun.  Recap coming, but the photo ops were totally worth the 2:50 time.

Week 3 schedule:
Monday - Off - Completed
Tuesday - Off (in-flight home!!!) - Completed
Wednesday - 4 - Fail - I actually went to the gym, but Paige was so exhausted that she fell asleep drinking water and vomited it all over the Kid's club.  So I left.  I considered the treadmill at home, but then fell asleep, and decided my body must need the rest more than the run.
Thursday - 7 - Almost back.  Ran 5, walked 1.  Hard to get back into the groove, and I'm ok with cutting things short.
Friday - Off - Actually ran 1.5.  Seems small but I had some things scheduled and only had 20 minutes, so I did what I could and called it a day!
Saturday - 14 - Completed.  Back on track.  Horrid wind which made it really, really hard, but I finished it.
Sunday - Off - A little behind on miles, so I went for a 4 mile "recovery" jog on my treadmill.  Very slow pace, but actually felt good.

Week 4 Schedule: 
Monday - 3
Tuesday - 7
Wednesday - 4
Thursday - 8
Friday - Off
Saturday - 16 (This should be interesting since I have a 5k that I'm running with one of my athletes.)
Sunday - Off
Hopefully I'll be back on track this week.  Vacation threw me for a loop... although, I knew that was pretty likely to happen.