Week 5 Marathon Training Plan

First of all, no I didn't fall off the face of the planet... I'm here, and I have a lot of posts to catch up on.

Week 4 Recap:

Monday - 3 - Completed - Walked 1, Bodyworks class for an hour, then ran 3 (last mile at an 8:51 pace which is 5k pace and very difficult for me).

Tuesday - 7 - Completed, but late - Two very sick girls woke up in my house Tuesday.  So between doctor visits and fevered baby cuddling... the run didn't happen, so I moved it to Wednesday.  First thing Wednesday morning I ran 7 and walked 1.

Wednesday - 4 - Completed, but late - Since Tuesday's workout moved to Wednesday, this moved to Thursday.  I got in my 4 miles Thursday morning.

Thursday - 8 - Missed - Since Wednesday shifted to Thursday, this would shift to Friday, BUT the long run is the most important run of the week, and I didn't want to jeopardize my long run by doing an 8-miler the day before.  I know some people can, but 8 with 16 the next day is not in my reportoire!

Friday - Off - Completed

Saturday - 16 - Completed - Wow... sweet misery.  The day started off with a 5k, where I was pacing a couple of friends.  Then I went straight to the lake to finish the long run.  I contemplated doing the full 16 at the lake instead of just the 13 I had remaining after the 5k, but my body was clearly having an off day.  More details in a future post!  But it was done.  Total for the day 16.1 miles running, 1.7 miles walking.

Sunday - Off - Completed

Week 5 Schedule:
Monday - 3
Tuesday - 8
Wednesday - 3
Thursday - 8
Friday - Off
Saturday - 18
Sunday - Off
As has been the theme lately, this week will be challenged by the fact that it's spring break and I have all the kidlets home AND my mom is flying in early tomorrow morning for a visit!