Week 6 Marathon Training Plan AND Running Chics Winner

My mother has been in town, thus I haven't been on the computer... and thus, once again, I have fallen behind with my blog.  I posted more while I was on vacation.  But I'm getting back into the swing of things.  Mom heads out on Wednesday morning, I have a bloggy get-together on Friday night, and then the big Rock n Roll Dallas on Sunday.  Woo-hoo.  (E-mail me if you want to come to the pre-RnR bloggy get together Friday night.)

Week 5 Recap:

Monday - 3 - Completed - I actually went 5.  I was in a grumpy mood and needed to run it off.  But I kept it at 4 miles at a very easy pace, and then walked 1.  No bodyworks this Monday because it was the start of Spring Break, and I can't take all 3 kiddos to the gym.

Tuesday - 8 - Completed - I was starting to feel really sick, but I ran anyway (maybe this is why I was grumpy Monday).  Major sinus head cold.  Anyhow, the running didn't make it feel worse, so I turned on a Netflix movie and got in my miles.

Wednesday - 4 - Completed - Ran 4, Walked 1.  Still under the weather a bit.

Thursday - 8 - Completed - Actually ran 8.2 (as part of the Cupcake Marathon... report coming!)

Friday - Off  - Completed and Enjoyed

Saturday - 18 - Completed - Finished off the Cupcake Marathon.  Not my finest run, but I got through it, and still 2 1/2 months out from the marathon.

Sunday - Off - Completed (Was surprisingly not sore after the 18-miler.)

Week 6 Schedule:

Monday - 3
Tuesday - 8
Wednesday - 4
Thursday - 9
Friday - Off
Saturday - Off
Sunday - 13.1 (Rock n Roll Dallas)

As for the weight loss goal... it's going amazingly well.  I'm already down 8 lbs with only 2 more to go for my June 5 goal.  But 12 more to go for my ultimate goal.  The key, for me, has been tracking calories.  And, for the record, I hate tracking calories.  Always said I'd never do it... but shockingly, it works!

The winner of the Running Chics giveaway according to random.org is ALLISON of Just Tri and Finish.  Congrats Allison!!!  Can't wait to see what you pick out!!!  Will it be running?  Or cycling?  Or swimming?  For those that didn't win, please check out Running Chics online.  They really do have exceptional customer service and unique products!  I really need one of their performance shirts.