A Winner and a Full Weekend!

First, let's get right to it... the winner of the Road ID Giveaway...  per random.org...

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April 23, 2011 6:10 PM

Kortni, e-mail me so I can get you your gift certificate!!!

So, you may have noticed a little silence from this side.  I actually missed writing Coach's Corner this week... well, it was for a good reason!  Well, two good reasons.  First, my hubs is actually taking a couple weeks off from his ridiculous work schedule, so things are running a little differently around here.  And secondly, I have a lot of runners accomplishing *firsts* this weekend, and so I've spent my time this week focusing on individuals and making sure nerves aren't out of control!  These ladies have put in the training, now it's time to reap the rewards!

Lots of people to wish a great run to this weekend, so please do so in the comments!

-My cousin, Amy, and my sister-in-law, Anne, will both be running their first half marathon this Saturday in Kentucky.   I'm honored to have played even a small role in that and absolutely cannot WAIT to hear about them crossing the finish.

-My friend, Denya, who I've helped coach, will be running her first half marathon this Sunday at Heels and Hills.  And my friend, Holly, who I've also coached, will be running her first 10k this Sunday, also at Heels and Hills.  Cannot wait to see them both this Sunday.  They are totally ready! 

-And a few shout-outs to other people doing big *firsts* this weekend... Heather will also be doing her first 10k (and coincidentally has been training with Holly while being coached by my fabulous partner-in-running, Sherry).  And to Keelie, a fellow blogger, who will also be joining us all at Heels and Hills for her first half marathon.

There will be loads of other runners there that I know and love, as well, and I'm looking forward to being there with them.

And it's a big Sunday for me too.  It will be my 13th 13.1, and it will be my first *official* time pacing!  Sherry and I will be pacing the 2:45 group to the finish at Heels and Hills.  I am really excited.  Although I've paced a couple of friends, being an official group pacer will be a new experience for me.  I am very much looking forward to it!!!  And I'm looking forward to giving you a great report after the event!!!

On a non-runner, note... wishing a good race to my brother and his wife as they take on BikeMS (a 2-day, 153 mile ride).