Do You Have a Road ID?

You might remember THIS POST about a Dallas runner who got hit by a bike.  Supposedly, she had no id on her.  There are a million reasons why you might need medical attention while running - accident with a bike or car, dehydration, heat stroke, hyponutremia... The list could go on, but the point is that it's not worth the risk of not having some clear medical identification on you in case something happens.

Road ID is company started in 1999 by a father and a son.  The father, Mike, was concerned about the safety of his son, Edward, as he trained for his first marathon.  There is quite a list of powerful testimonials that you can find HERE

I have the Elite Interactive ID in pink.

(Ignore the "scratches", I photoshopped out my middle initial and birth year.)
The elite band is adjustable (it comes long and you cut it down to size), and it's so comfortable that I don't notice it at all when I run.  The closure is extremely secure.  It's easy enough to get off, but I cannot fathom a way this thing would fall off.  Oh, and for us girls who care about the little things... it comes in a nice box... perfect for storage so you don't lose it in your running gear:

There are tons of options with the Road ID... shoe tags, the bracelet (in either Sport or Elite - I, personally, find the Elite more comfortable), the ankle tag, and the FIXX tag (similar to a dog tag).  All three of my kids actually got the FIXX IDs for their recent trip to Disney.  I felt so much better knowing that if something happened and they got separated that whomever located them would know how to reach us quickly.

Road ID also allows you to choose between the original and interactive.  While I have the original for the kids FIXX IDs, because I wanted to be able to be contacted quickly by even a bystander if they were lost... for mine, I chose the interactive.  The interactive uses a code and pin on the back of your ID that can be used by medical personnel to get all my pertinent info...

Online you enter birthdate, blood type, allergies, medications, doctors, emergency contacts, health insurance, address, etc.  The good thing about this kind of ID is that I can update the information at any time.  I don't have to get a new one if I move or a phone number changes, and I'm able to input a lot more information.  The downside is that it costs $9.99 a year to maintain the interactive ID (first year is included with the purchase of a Road ID).  However, in the grand scheme of things, what's $9.99 for something that could potentially save your life?  Here's a slightly more detailed comparison of Original vs. Interactive.
I've been wearing my Road ID constantly... it doesn't irritate me while running, it doesn't chafe, and it doesn't stink when I sweat like crazy in it.  All that and I can be identified and properly attended to in an emergency situation... that's peace of mind!
Do you own a Road ID?  If you don't, you need one... NOW... and so does your family.  But one lucky reader can win one.  Here's how...
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*Note (Mandatory Fine Print):  The Elite Road ID was provided to me in order to do this review.  The FIXX IDs for my children were purchased.  The opinions expressed are my own, and I was not otherwise compensated.