Doctor's Update

I'm going to keep it brief...  the doctor said I'm going to live!  Dr. Magic Hands actually touched my nasty runner's foot and did a couple poppity pops and rubbity rubs (yes, this is all very technical... I'd tell you exactly what he did, except I haven't a clue except that most of it hurt).  There were some things out of place and likely a sprain... however, I'm good to run.  I ran 0.5 miles last night and felt good.  Definitely still some tenderness, but negligible pain.  Today I ran 2 miles and felt fine, except afterwards I felt a bit tender.  Ice, ice, ice.  Tomorrow's run... maybe 5-9 miles.  He gave me the thumbs up on 9 (not on 20)... but won't let me run at the lake... it's a 9 mile loop, and he doesn't want me stuck halfway around the lake.  Hmmmm... smart... I don't like it... but smart.  I'm being a good girl and icing, resting, icing, resting, and only running what he said was ok.  I'm praying that by next week, I will be back on schedule!