I'm not MIA

I'm not missing, I just had to temporarily visit my other life - art shows. It took a lot of prep work since I've kind of been focused on that whole marathon training thing instead.

I got my long run - 18 - in on Thursday because I knew it wouldn't happen this weekend unless I hit the hotel treadmill at 4am. I'm sure that would be a fun way to torture myself. The miles went well, and I wasn't too sore until last night... over a day later. Wow, all of a sudden everything aches. I'm determined to hit the hotel tread late tonight (show goes until 9) or early tomorrow to shake out these legs. Yeee-owwwww.

Time to get ready and go sell some jewels! Pray it's a better day... yesterday wind gusts were flipping my tables, so it was a bust.

(If you're local, come see me at Southlake's Art in the Square. I'm on the grass area furthest away from Town Hall.)

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