Week 10 Marathon Training Plan

Week 9 Recap:

Remember that before I embarked on week 9, I knew I had some scheduling conflicts that made it difficult.  So I changed my schedule upfront for this week and executed instead of spending each day worried about how it would happen. 

Monday - 3 - Completed - Actually went 4 since I opted out of our bodyworks class.

Tuesday - 9 - Completed

Wednesday - 5 - Had a dental emergency that had to be taken care of... it would've pushed my run into the late afternoon, which was a no-go since I knew I had a really long run to get through on Thursday.

Thursday - 18 - Completed!!! - Whoop-whoop!

Friday - Off - Completed

Saturday - 5-10 - Missed... was in allergy haven.

Sunday - Off - 6 miles that I missed on Saturday.  Done on a hotel treadmill.  Booooooring.  Really had fun doing a speed progression the last 10 minutes... starting at 5.8mph and clicking up 0.2mph every minute until I was finished (last minute at 7.6mph).  Really interesting way to finish things off.  Hard, but felt great... and my foot is probably back to at least 95%.

Week 10 Schedule:
Yet again, I know I have a crazy schedule with my littlest celebrating her birthday this weekend... not to mention Easter on the same weekend.  Craaazy busy.  So I'm going to change it upfront so that I can relax knowing it's something I can handle and still have my life continue.  ;-)
Monday - 3
Tuesday - 10
Wednesday - 6
Thursday - Off or a very easy 5
Friday - 20
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off or a quick 3
Gave myself a couple small options in case I still want to get some miles in without going overboard so I have adequate recovery for the long run!