Week 8 Marathon Training Plan

Week 7 Recap:
Monday - 3 - Missed - Paige was sick, and after the great half the Sunday before, I awarded myself a rest day!

THEN, as you know... on Monday night came the foot incident... so alas... this is going to be a boring re-cap...

Tuesday - 8 - Walked for 0.5 mile, then started to run... made it 0.5 mile and the pain was way too noticeable in my left foot to continue.

Wednesday - 5 - Missed

Thursday - 9 - Saw the Doctor.  I felt slightly improved.  Doctor told me to do a 0.5 mile test run that night, and I did.  Minor pain, and noticeable tenderness.

Friday - Rest - Doctor had suggested 2 miles on Friday.  I completed the 2.  Same... pain was minor... but the foot still felt very tender.

Saturday - 20 - I had clearance to run up to 9 IF I felt good.  My personal goal was anywhere from 5-9.  I made it 5, but only ran for 3 of them.  Once I hit 3, the foot started to feel super sore and tender.

Sunday - Rest - Hey I completed something... 1 for 7 on completed training this week.  ;-)
The foot issue is annoying because it isn't enough pain that it really prevents me from doing things, but it is still a noticeable amount of tenderness and achiness once I hit about 3 miles, and I need to ice afterwards.  Fun times.  Heal already!  I'm supposed to be back at the Doctor on Wednesday.  I think I definitely made the right decision by not pushing through the pain this week.  I am hoping it leads to a much quicker recovery than I would've had if I ran through it.
Even having to take that last week of March off, I still came away with my highest mileage month EVER... 146 miles.  Woo-hoo!!!  But if I stay on track, April should top March, and May should top April.  Praying no more sheets attack my feet!
Week 8 Schedule:
Monday - 3
Tuesday - 9
Wednesday - 5
Thursday - 9
Friday - Off
Saturday - Off
Sunday - 13.1 - Big D Half Marathon (Pacing a friend!!!)