25 Days...

... until Marathon #2.

I keep waivering on my plan for this marathon... so that's where *you* come in.  Talk to me, folks. 

Let me give you some background...

1.  As many of you may know, Sherry agreed awhile back to go with me to San Diego and run this marathon.  I couldn't have been more thrilled.  Sherry is the perfect pacing partner.  We run almost exactly the same pace... sometimes she pulls me, sometimes I pull her.  Plan set...

But as you may or may not know, Sherry has been on a journey for many years to become a mommy.  Most recently going the path of adoption... which she's been on the waiting list for around a year.  If you don't follow Sherry's blog then you might have missed a little bitty teenie tiny announcement.  God had a different plan for her, and she's pregnant!!!  I am over-the-moon excited for her.  You can't pull me off the ceiling.  So thrilled for her.  Seriously, becoming a mommy outranks a marathon any day of the week!

But...... that means -1 pacing partner for the marathon.  So it's just me and the pavement.  Although Sherry *is* still going on the trip with me and maybe doing the half.  Cannot stinkin' wait to share this trip with her!

2.  In all honesty, I am way better running *with* someone, and while I think I could pull off a 4:40, there are pace teams from a local running club at 4:30 and 4:45.  I'm afraid if I push with 4:30, I'll fizzle.  I'm afraid if I go 4:45 and I slow a little at the end, like most people do, then I'll be too far below what I think I'm capable of.

3.  This quote I posted last week is really bothering me:

β€œDon't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”
-Steve Prefontaine-

I really want to cross that line not feeling defeated like I did last time... but I don't want to be so conservative that I'm giving up the great and settling for the ok.

4.  Numbers for you...
- My last marathon time was 5:12 in December.  I finished the first half around 2:23 and then cramped badly at mile 15 and hobbled for the last 11 miles and crossed the line feeling utterly defeated and disappointed.
- I've run 14 half marathons.  My PR is 2:09 (9:52 min/mile).  My last half was a 2:20, but it was in the middle of an 18 mile run and I felt fantastic.
- I train slow and race fast.  I do the majority of my miles at 11 min/mile.  My long runs usually a tad slower than that.  I do very little speedwork since I race so much (that's my speed!), but I have been doing the middle 6-7 miles of my Tuesday runs at 10 min/mile.
- My 5k PR is 26:54 (8:41 min/mile).  My 10k PR is 59:35 (9:37 min/mile).  All my PRs are within the last few months.  But my 5k PR and 10k PR were before I lost 12 more pounds.
- The only runs I've missed in my plan were the ones during my vacation and the week that I had a sprained foot.
- I currently have zero injuries.
- I've done a 14-miler, 16-miler, three 18-milers, and a 20-miler (with another scheduled for this weekend that I *will* do).  My mid-week runs have included at least two 9-11 milers for the last 6+ weeks.  I run 5 days a week.

Alright Coach Blog-readers... talk to me... give me your input.  Help me devise my marathon plan.  AND throw in there a little time prediction and maybe I'll throw in a prize for the closest guess.  The marathon is San Diego Rock-n-Roll.